When I work a collection I develop it with different subjects as the project allow it, they mix in various discourses and objects according to my internal needs. Over time I add more themes and go back to them as needed.

Transgenic Vegetables: Transgenic to see, not to eat

Jewelry – Sculptures

I develop a line of works critically thinking about the genetic manipulation of vegetables. My work about the trans genetic vegetables starts in the year 2003. I combine metal smith and enameling  as my work generally does, the works reinvents the form of these vegetables in new shapes and colors as jewelry pieces or sculptural forms. Is an apology to the transgenic vegetables that unfolds their genetic identity losing it original quality´s

The transgenic peas are inspire by the soy pods, one of the the most affected species in these manipulation form.

They are purely decorative, the articulations move, and the secret seeds are exposed showing us the altered secret

Transgenic wheat-corn:

In these proposal I merge in on corn and wheat plants, America represented by the corn and Europe by the wheat.



Bowls – Bobbins – Uni flowers – Necklaces: Crusade – Mobiles: Window shadows- Multiples

Proposal of enamel copper pieces  that are fire  and have pictures of my home town Caracas transferred on to the enamel . These images are taken with my mobile phone in my daily wonders on the city of Caracas, the pictures are then worked in Photoshop, and transfer to the enamel on the kiln at 900ºC, melting together colors and shapes , they reflect the malleability and hardness of the copper and the color, transparency and quality of the glass in an ancient technique that fuses with photography. A try to reflect in this collection the contradictions that coexist in the contemporary cities. In these case, Caracas,  the contradictions of hardness and softness , the peaceful spots versus the chaotic realities, the beauty of nature, the chaos of nature, the beauty of construction, the chaos within it.




With these series I want us to stop for a moment and leasing with the eyes, talk with gestures. Lets learn to enrich our vision of things.

The senses are very complex tools that allow us to relate with our surrounding. We don’t value them enough, unaware of its importance in our life. They awake when we have a problem with one of them.

When a sense fail, the others overcompensate these lack. That’s why blind people leasens and fells with more intensity and detail. Deaf people have a more detail capacity of observation, and so on.

From the creative act, from the enameling process we can relate to all senses in an integral way, we reconnect.

In these collection I take pictures of my hands in sing language and transferred it to the enamel pieces, composing words


Sewing meanings: Words those are equal but different.


Connections of meanings, of objects, of words, of imagines. Words that spell the same in English and in Spanish. The order in the composition changes, the meaning don’t.


Sewing machine bobbins reinterpreted  in enamel copper pieces, solder o riveted sew with nylon or silver plated mesh, some with words or phrases in them that are spell the same in Spanish and in English. Strong or neutral colors, silk wire. Pictures of nature and constructions that coexist, chaos and harmony.


Free Objects

My work goes in enamel and metal smith from jewelry proposals to sculptors, mobiles flower bases and wall pieces.

The earlier ones were  elaborated in silver with a low level with nails to put the flowers on. The uni flowers are a complementary bowl that organize the flowers by holes in the enamel, one or many. The base part can be enameled or aluminum.

Copper embossed pieces in different sizes ans shapes enameled by both sides and variable techniques.

Necklaces that crosses the body from the front to the back. Hugging necklaces inspire in the native Amerindians that used them with ritual and decorative purposes.


Hanging sculptures:

Window shadows – Transgenic pods

In these mobiles I consider as part of the piece the project shadow on the wall as an integral part of it. The shadows of the holes and strings that passes through them are deform in the reflection and dance with colorful pieces of enameled copper. The shapes vary, and so do the holes.

 In the series  “Caracas window shadows” the pieces have pictures of Caracas





The silver work remains the same while you can change the enamels as you please, the necklace and the ring as a receptacle of colors, shapes and techniques.