I graduated as an architect in 1994 and my career make a turn into silversmith and enameling in 1997 , since then I have been exploring these fields. They complement each other, techniques and forms are explore constantly, the fire has a permanent presence in my work. Techniques and experimentation enrich continuously my proposals.

​C   E  R   E   S 

The words CERES and SERES are pronounced the same in Spanish. The title of this collection arises from the phonetic game between these terms. Ceres (Roman goodness of crops) and Seres (Organisms).

I take this association of words as a starting point for the creation of characters with organic, dark and/or colorful shapes, rich textures, mysterious and suggestive.

The pieces-Characters have their origin in the deep world of dreams and imagination where they live and interact charged with their particular energy: Beings of water, Beings of Fire, Beings of Earth, Beings of Air.

These characters ask us some questions…What attracts us? Why? What do we reject? What can`t we see in ourselves? What do we need to balance?

From the free play with folds and colors, fantastic possibilities arise for the creation of these (Ceres-Seres) where I use deformed copper mesh That I then combine with vitreous enamel at temperatures of 1500 F